From.  Delshad

Islamic Republic of Iran


Dear respected Sir/Madam

I am Delshad form Iran and I invented more than 30 inventions (mostly in automobile industry). I want to produce my inventions but there are a lot of problems and discriminations here. I am ready to introduce all of my inventions and I am looking any supporters or sponsors from any country to produce my inventions. There is restriction to exit of inventors in my country and I can introduce my inventions in your country’s embassy or any place in my country. I would like to introduce one of my inventions here and I will introduce the rest if you would like. Please check the attached files.




The replacement of patients was considered an intricate matter for the hospitals and health centers from old times and no one has found any fundamental solution for this complicated problem. Some devices were invented for this matter but they were inapplicable for incompleteness and site-effectiveness. I, with profound perception of this problem and years of efforts, designed several kinds of devices for the comfort of patients, nurses and patients’ companions. It can move heavy-weight and injured patients automatically and conveniently without help of any man and without any shaking, in which it may hurt patients, from one bed to another one. It can be done just by pressing a button and with the help of bed-sheet which is under the patient. The device for moving patients by a bed-sheet has been designed in six models in which four kinds are ceiling and two kinds are on the floor and it has been granted patent certificate from the government of Iran. This device was tested and used by Motahari Hospital and I got approval certificate for this device from mentioned hospital, Medical Science University of Golestan province and Gonbad-e-Kavous Applied-Science University.


Advantages of Device: 

  • No need much place to apply it.
  • No need the help of any man in the time of replacement of patients.
  • No need any side-equipments and it needs just bed-sheet under the patient.
  • Taking advantage of new and unique technology and its manufacturing cost is low.
  • Replacement of patient without any shaking of patient or bed.
  • Replacement of all kinds of patients specially patients with bad situation.
  • Replacement of heavy-weight patients.
  • Easy installment and applicability of device without any change and harm in the sickroom decoration.
  • Replacement of patient in a few seconds (about 20 seconds).
  • Variety of device with 6 different models.
  • No similarity to domestic and foreign production.
  • Reduction of patient’s cure period.
  • Low manufacturing cost against high sale.
  • New and unique technology in world medical industry

We use high technology in designing and producing of this device so it can give the best quality services to both patients and hospital authorities. The inventor’s main objective to produce this device is to dignify of patients so that they won’t suffer any pain in the time of replacement.


Sincerely yours


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